I’m not sure we need a nonprofit business consultant.  Why should we talk with you?

If you have a specific organizational challenge, opportunities for revenue or board growth, want a wise sounding board, and/or are open to creative suggestions, you might benefit from exploring a relationship with me.  Let’s talk.

What is your area of expertise?

Nonprofit organization management is my area of expertise.  I have particular experience with educational institutions, the arts and social justice projects. My nonprofit niche is fundraising in all its forms.

How much is your rate?

Because I am a sole proprietor I have low overhead and therefore my rates are quite reasonable.  I negotiate project fees based on the nonprofit’s ability to pay.  If we want to work together, then we will find a way.

How do you view equity, diversity and inclusion (DEI)?

I have a lifelong commitment to doing the work of DEI, and I bring that lens to my consulting projects.

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